967 Sqn Air Cadets

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Nov 14

Warton Cadets Parade Twice in Remembrance

The Cadets and Staff of 967 (BAe Warton) Squadron Paraded in both Warton and Kirkham on Sunday in support of the Royal British Legion’s Festival of Remembrance.

The day started at 10am with a short march through Warton to St. Paul’s Church where a service was held. Cadets from the Squadron played a key role in the parade, with Cadet Corporal Nathan Dale carrying the Squadron’s Standard and Cadets Garion Swann and Michael Parker acting as the Escort for the Royal British Legion’s Standard. Cadet Swann was also asked to read part of the Act of Remembrance in Church, afterwards he said, ‘I was proud to be part of the ATC Organisation remembering the historic events in which our heroes fell – we will remember them.’

Warton Remembrance Day Parade 2011

After the morning parade the Cadets made their way back to the Squadron where they grabbed a bite to eat and touched up their shoes in preparation for the afternoon parade in Kirkham.

Lead by veterans and the Lostock Hall Memorial Band, with contingents from the Army Cadet Force and the Scout and Guide Associations, the afternoon parade in Kirkham was much larger. Again, Cadets from 967 Squadron played a pivotal and very visible role, with four Cadets standing guard at the War Memorial as the parade approached and throughout the service. Cadet Dickinson, who was one of the four, commented on how hard it was to stay still for the 45 minutes, ‘Although standing to attention for such a long time was very difficult, it was a real privilege to stand guard at the War Memorial.’

Kirkham Remembrance Day Parade 2011

Another important duty for the afternoon service was laying the wreath, carried out for the second year running by Cadet Corporal Lucy Bailey.

The Squadron’s Commanding Officer, Flt Lt Steve Faulkner, said, ‘Remembrance Sunday and the Poppy Appeal are important dates in the Squadron calendar and it is heartening to see the Cadets giving their time and energy in support. The young people of 967 Squadron are well aware of the conflicts around the world past and present as well as the courage with which our Armed Forces carry out what is asked of them.  It is right and proper that we keep alive the memories of those we have lost in our hearts and in our minds and remember the sacrifices that have been made by showing our support in the most dignified of ways.’

The Squadron’s support of the parades comes after two weekends of hard work collecting for the Royal British Legion’s Poppy Appeal, more here.