967 Air Cadets

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Jun 17

Meet the Staff

Flt Lt S C Faulkner

967 Squadron’s Commanding Officer; Flt Lt S C Faulkner

Flight Lieutenant Steve Faulkner RAF VR(T)

Steve is the Officer Commanding the Squadron and as such is responsible for all the activities that staff and Cadets take part in. He joined the Air Cadets at 15 years of age and progressed to the rank of Cadet Warrant Officer, achieving the Gold DofE award as well as many positive experiences along the way. Although Steve has served as an Adult Warrant Officer and Junior Officer on other Squadrons he has been at Warton since 2004. Steve is employed by Blackpool Council within the Civil Contingencies Team and when not working or spending time with his family loves to organise as well as take part in Squadron activities.

Fg Off Ed Smith

Flt Lt Ed Smith

Flight Lieutenant Ed Smith RAF VR(T)

Ed used to work for the MOD as an Assistant Air Traffic Controller at RAF Spadeadam and RNAS Yeovilton before joining BAE Systems at Warton as an Air Traffic Operations Officer. Ed has been involved with the Air Cadets for a long time now as he first started off as a Cadet before becoming an adult staff member.

Ed is the deputy Squadron Commander and looks after things when the boss isn’t available!  Ed is also a qualified Range Conducting Officer and helps to run the range when the Squadron goes shooting.

Flying Officer Phil Hingley RAF VR(T)

Phil joined the Squadron in January 2016 transferring with his work from Devon & Somerset Wing.  Phil’s day job is as a First Officer flying Airbus A320 aircraft for a well known UK airline and he uses his expertise in aviation to good effect training the Cadets on the Squadron.

Phil has taken on the role of Sqn Training Officer and collates the monthly training programme which is used to define the activities that Cadets complete on a night by night basis during the month.

Flt Sgt Sam Ashcroft

WO Sam Ashcroft

Warrant Officer Sam Ashcroft ATC

Sam has plenty of experience as she was a Cadet at another local Squadron. She joined the Squadron in 2010 and is responsible for ensuring standards of Drill and Discipline are maintained. She enjoys getting involved in a variety of activities and can often be found supporting the Squadron and Wing at weekend events.

Sergeant Rob Etere (RAF)

Rob has been with the Squadron since July 2015 and volunteers as a Service Instructor (which means he is currently serving in the Royal Air Force).  He is currently working as a member of a Software Development team on the Eurofighter Typhoon.

Rob is involved in teaching many of the newer Cadets in their studies towards the First Class and Leading classifications.

Corporal Andy Robinson (RAF)

Andy also joined the Squadron since in July 2015 and, like Rob, volunteers as a Service Instructor (which means he is currently serving in the Royal Air Force).  He also works in a Software Development team on the Eurofighter Typhoon.

Andy also teaches many of the newer Cadets in their studies towards the First Class and Leading classifications.

Civilian Instructor Ken Ozwell

Ken at Fernie Alpine Resort, British Columbia, Canada

CI Ken Ozwell

Ken joined the Sqn back in 2002 as a Service Instructor during his secondment to BAE Systems, while he was working on the Eurofighter Typhoon. After leaving the Royal Air Force, Ken has remained with the Sqn as a Civilian Instructor, currently acting as the Sqn Communications Officer.

Ken runs the Radio Communicator Badge Scheme for the Cadets which involves them using VHF and HF radios, Computer and Internet activities as well as some basic electronics. He also teaches basic Radio & Radar techniques and Satellite Communications.

Ken is a keen skier and hopes to arrange trips down to Chill Factore in Manchester for the Cadets in the near future.

Ci Rich Humble

CI Rich Humble

Civilian Instructor Rich Humble

Richard joined the Squadron in 2007 after a tour in the Royal Air Force as an engineering officer. Richard is currently employed with BAE Systems on the fault investigation section supporting the Tornado aircraft. On the Squadron Richard is responsible for the Cadet projects. this covers areas such as aero modelling and car maintenance. Richard is also a keen motor-sport enthusiast and spends his weekends dismantling and rebuilding his collection of classic cars. Away from the Squadron Richard keeps bees and produces excellent local honey!

Sqn Ldr Drew Steel MBE RAF(Ret’d) – Squadron Honorary President

Sqn Ldr Drew Steel MBE RAF (Ret)

Drew is the Squadron’s Honourary President, a role that is aimed primarily at supporting both the staff and Civilian Committee, and promoting both the Squadron and the Corps to those who are not (yet) part of it. Drew also participates in Cadet training by presenting the RAF History elements of First Class Cadet training.  Having served in the RAF as an Air Electronics Officer and Weapons System Officer for almost 30 years, he has flown on Nimrod MR2 and MRA4, Canberra, Hunter, Puma, Lynx, Sea King and Chinook (as well as a TF-51 Mustang!)

Now working in a Military Liaison role at BAE Warton, Drew spends a considerable part of his time travelling around many of the RAF Stations in the UK, and hosting visits to BAE Warton by personnel from those stations. Therefore he is well placed to help the Squadron keep abreast of current trends and changes both within the aviation industry and within the RAF.

Although age is now getting the better of him, Drew still occasionally plays drums in a local band, and enjoys recovering from such exertions by reading, pottering about in his garage, and doing what his wife tells him!

Civilian Committee

As well as the volunteer members of staff, the Squadron is also supported by a dedicated civilian committe.

Under the constitution of the Air Training Corps, each Squadron must be overseen by a Civilian Management Committee of no fewer than five persons.

The 967 committee meets approximately once every two months for a couple of hours one evening, usually at the Cadet Centre in Warton. Discussion and subsequent actions are primarily focussed around Cadet recruitment and fund-raising for the Squadron. There is no operational role in the Squadron which is commanded and administered by the Commanding Officer.

The main purpose of the committee is to ensure local independent non-RAF control of the Air Training Corps (ATC) Squadron. Much time is devoted to fund-raising for the Squadron which as a part of the Air Training Corps (ATC), itself part of the Air Cadet Organisation, is a registered charity.

The committee gets involved in a range of activities to assist in fund raising and Cadet recruitment. Some examples of this have been assistance with match funding through thier normal employed jobs from which the Squadron gains charitable donations – Squadron funds are a constant issue!

Further general information about the role of the Air Training Corps (ATC) Civilian Committees can be found on the Air Cadets web site