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BTEC Awards

As part of your training you’ll also be given the chance to apply for widely recognised BTEC qualifications, these are equivalent to GCSE’s.

TheĀ BTEC First Diploma in Aviation Studies is a qualification which each Cadet can obtain through their progression in the structured training. Once the Cadet has obtained their Master Cadet status, the Diploma will be awarded.

Also available is the BTEC Level 2 Diploma in Teamwork and Personal Development in the Community.  This BTEC mixes theory and practical elements with an emphasis towards teamwork, communication and employment skills including career planning and personal development. Adventurous activities are also included along with volunteering within the Community.  This BTEC is provided through CVQO and more details are available on their website here. This BTEC has recently been updated and includes some options for musicians – more details to follow shortly.

Cadets must be between 16 to 18 enrol in the BTEC Level 2 Programme but, best of all, it is FREE for all Cadets! Cadets can complete up to 77% of the qualification just by participating in their normal Cadet activities. By gaining a recognised qualification, employers can see the valuable skills that Cadets have learnt within the Air Cadets which can enhance their employability and promotion prospects. You can find our more about the BTEC awards by visiting the Air Cadets website here.

Nov 8

Cadets Awarded BTEC

Cadets Awarded BTEC

3 of 967 BAe Warton Squadron’s Cadet NCO’s were recently awarded with the BTEC Level 2 Diploma in Public Services. Cadet Flight Sergeants Perry and Haynes both achieved Merits and Cadet Sergeant Heap achieved an exceptional result with a Distinction. The combination of academic and vocational activities which includes participation in classroom based learning and…» Read More