967 Air Cadets

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Radios have now been a part of the ATC since it first started and they give Cadets the opportunity to talk to many other users from around the world. Non-licenced Cadets are restricted to talking to other ATC Squadrons on reserved frequencies but Licenced Cadets are able to use the Amateur Bands unsupervised.  Currently, the Sqn has an HF and VHF capability; the HF giving them the range to talk to overseas operators.

Normally though, the Cadets use the VHF radios during field exercises and orienteering exercises to assist in controlling the events and passing messages from one group to another.  All of the radios are used by Cadets, for Cadets; the staff are only there to assist or provide health & safety advice.

Apr 8

1st Class Development Weekend

Five Cadets from 967 Squadron recently took part in the Wing 1st Class Development Weekend at Halton Training Camp near Lancaster. On the weekend – specifically designed for new Cadets, all five had the opportunity to take part in map and Compass skills, Obstacle Course, Target Shooting, Drill, Radios and a Night Ex. All the Cadets…» Read More

Jul 7

Operation Homeguard – Ingleton 2011

Control, we are being followed by loads of old American Jeeps with strange men in them ... send help immediately

Operation Homeguard is Ingleton’s annual 1940’s nostalgia weekend and this year took place over the first weekend in July.  Ingleton is a small village on the edge of the North Yorkshire/ North Lancashire border that changes itself to represent its twin town of La Chapelle-des-Marais in Normandy as the Allied Troops liberated the town; in…» Read More

Jun 10

Radio Communicators Badge

The Radio Communicators Badge as worn on the Brassard

The ATC Radio Communicators Badge scheme allows a Cadet to progress along a structure route, proving that they are competent with using radios unsupervised, in our case with VHF radios, and are conversant with the basics of radio and communication principles. The Sqn is also kitted out with an HF radio which will shortly be…» Read More