967 Sqn Air Cadets

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We’re working to create a selection of useful resources for our Cadets and staff. Below is a list of what we have available at the moment…

Sep 29

Flying Consent Forms & Information

The information on this page is aimed at parents, carers and Cadets so that they can be fully informed as to the requirements of the Air Training Corps in relation to fitness to fly as well as the consents that are required. A Consent Form Av Med 1 is now required for each occasion a Cadets goes flying…» Read More

Sep 28

Consent & Declaration Forms

As every Cadet will know, in order to take part in almost any activity away from the Squadron you’ll need a completed Consent Form. These are normally available on the Squadron, however, if you forget to pick one up you can print them out from the BADER website – see the Useful Resources box on…» Read More

Sep 19

NCO Course Application

The Squadron will be running a JNCO Course during October, November and December 2013. Applications need to be made to the CO using the attached form no later than October 17th. If you have any queries contact WO Wright. NCO Course Application

Oct 28

Squadron Calendar

967 Squadron Crest

Get 967 Squadron’s Calendar As a webpage Add it your Google Calendar (suitable for Android): Use the button at the base of the calendar above As an ICAL (suitable for iPhone) As an XML