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Aug 14

About 967 Squadron

967 (BAe Warton) Sqn is part of the Cumbria and Lancashire Wing of the Air Training Corps. The Sqn is based in Bank Lane, on a plot of land on the edge of Warton Aerodrome in Lancashire, which is owned by BAE SYSTEMS. Warton Aerodrome is steeped in history as aircraft such as the Canberra and Lightning were constructed here as well as the Tornado. Currently, the Eurofighter Typhoon and Hawk production lines are based here at Warton and development work for ASTRAES, UAVs and Tempest is carried out.

The Sqn is going from strength to strength and currently has over 30 Cadets regularly attending parade nights. Cadets may join on probation as early as 12 years old as long as they are in Year 8 at School and enrol at 13 years 3 months. They can then remain until their 18th birthday, whereby they can be extended to Staff Cadet until their 20th birthday.

The classification system and Progressive Training Syllabus (PTS) are ladders of achievement, independant of rank. Classifications and PTS Badges are achieved through assessment success in subjects such as the Royal Air Force, various aviation subjects, Space, Music, First Aid, expedition training, shooting etc. Follow the links for a more comprehensive list of the sort of subjects that are available through this Squadron. Project work and extra-mural activities such as helping the local community are also carried out. Citizenship training is also encouraged.

Sqn activities regularly include Flying / Gliding, Adventure Training (paddlesports, climbing, hiking, mountain biking), Expedition Training, Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, visits to air shows and RAF bases, various sporting activities (archery, cross country, athletics, football, netball, hockey, rugby) and shooting etc. Project work includes this web site, Radio Communications (VHF radios only on this Sqn at the moment), a Sqn newsletter, model making and learning to fly using the Flight Simulator.

Our Commanding Officer welcomes all new Cadets to the Squadron, read on to see what he has to say.

Why have you arrived at this page?

Flt Lt S. Faulkner
Officer Commanding
967 Squadron
Flt Lt Ed Smith

Maybe, you’re just browsing for information on the Air Training Corps in which case you are welcome to read the available information contained within this site. Others of you may have heard of the ATC and are thinking about joining.

The information on this site is only a flavour of what you can expect when you become a member of the Air Training Corps – especially 967 Squadron! Many users of the site are already members of the Squadron. This is their site and is provided for them to promote their activities as well as those of the ATC.

If you are thinking about becoming a Cadet, why not come down and have a look around and meet the staff and Cadets. Feel free to ask questions and be prepared for an honest response.

Beware though, the Squadron aims to provide a worthwhile programme of activity and training for Cadets to get involved in as well as being a part of. Having spent a good number of years as a Cadet myself, I believe the ATC has something for everyone, not just those with an interest in aviation. Having fun, building and strengthening friendships, learning new skills, as well as belonging to one of the biggest and definitely the best youth organisation in the country are only a few of the benefits that becoming a Cadet bring.

Existing Cadets at 967 are benefiting now from the wide ranging activities on offer. They are without doubt, some of the finest young people I have known. Volunteer staff, both uniformed and civilian are here to help, guide, teach, coach and instruct as well as to listen and learn. We are all going places, the question is where are you going?

Please feel free to follow the links to other sites where further information about the ATC can be gained.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our site and that it might prompt you to visit your local Squadron to see what activities take place, and how you might benefit from this the premier of youth organisations.

Flight Lieutenant Ed Smith RAFAC
Officer Commanding
967 Squadron
Air Training Corps