967 Air Cadets

What are you doing this weekend?

What Happens When I Join?

We’ve got your first 3 months mapped out for you. It’ll be challenging and interesting as you learn about what the ATC has to offer and try new activities. Have you ever shot a rifle? Completed a military obstacle course? Flown an aircraft? By the time you’ve finished your first 3 months you may well have managed all of this… and more.

On your first night you’ll be introduced to the staff and Cadets, we’ll assign you an experienced Cadet to help you and you’ll be added to one of our two Flights, from day one you’ll be part of the yearly inter-flight competition. During our mid-evening break you’ll have the chance to talk to others whilst enjoying a snack (don’t forget to bring a little bit of money to buy something from the canteen). By the time our final parade is held at 2130 you’ll know what to do and already feel part of the team.

In your first month we’ll teach you everything you need to know to be a Cadet. You’ll learn what Discipline really means, what the rank structure is and how to carry out some basic drill manoeuvres. At the end of the month you’ll get your uniform and record book. Welcome to the ATC!

Your next two months will be building on this framework. There is plenty to learn; how to use a compass, what is a Tornado, how to use a rifle safely. By the end of your third month you’ll know the answer to these and much much more.

Interested? Come down, give us a call or let us know through our online form.


Sep 26

NCO Development Weekend – Halton TC

The Burma Bridge

Every year Cumbria and Lancashire Wing run a Junior NCO Development weekend. this is designed to give new or aspirant young leaders some basic skills and help them develop their leadership ability. Amongst the activities on offer to Cadets on this programme are – Taught leadership session, practical leadership activities with command task and initiative…» Read More

Aug 21

Squadron Launches Recruitment Leaflet

As part of the Squadron’s re-branding, we’ve created some new recruitment leaflets. The look of the leaflets closely matches the Squadron’s new website. We’ll be handing them out at a variety of local events, however, if you would like to download an electronic version then click here.

Aug 21

Squadron Recruitment Leaflet

Links for the Squadron’s recruitment leaflet are below. If you would like a paper copy then please get in touch. Leaflet – Low Quality Leaflet – High Quality