967 Sqn Air Cadets

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Corps Marksmanship Badge

Corps Marksmanship Brassard Badge

One of the most popular activites within the ATC is shooting and the associated marksmanship skills.

From very early in your time as a Cadet we’ll teach you how to handle a weapon safely and shoot accurately. It requires a great deal of concentration and skill to hit a target consistently and accurately. As you develop your skills you’ll be given the opportunity to fire over longer distances with a variety of weapons. Everytime you shoot it’ll be working towards one of 4 Marksmanship badges:

  • Squadron
  • Wing
  • Region
  • Corps

Have a look at the pictures below to see what you might get up to…


Oct 4

Latest Shooting Awards

Last night saw lots of certificate and badge presentations, starting with shooting…   Congratulations to Cdt Griffin on his Blue Trained Shot and to Cdt Letkiewicz who achieved his Blue Trained Shot and Blue Marksman (the first on our Squadron) after attending a Wing shooting camp!   Well done to both of you!   #Team967…» Read More

Oct 15

967 Squadron Hosts Wing Weapons Training

Cadet’s from the Wing were recently invited to 967 Squadron for a day of weapons training. The day included training on the L98A2 Cadet GP rifle and the Lee Enfield No 8. Carrying out this training and passing the associated Weapons Handling Test is a pre-requisite for any Cadet to fire a weapon, so having…» Read More

May 14

Wing Training Day 2012

Cadets from 967 recently took part in the annual inter Squadron competition for Cumbria and Lancashire Wing at Kirkham Grammar School. Among the various competitions were Drill, Shooting, Aero-Modelling, First Aid and Aircraft Recognition. A big well done to all those who took part – you should be rightfully proud!

Apr 8

1st Class Development Weekend

Five Cadets from 967 Squadron recently took part in the Wing 1st Class Development Weekend at Halton Training Camp near Lancaster. On the weekend – specifically designed for new Cadets, all five had the opportunity to take part in map and Compass skills, Obstacle Course, Target Shooting, Drill, Radios and a Night Ex. All the Cadets…» Read More