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Sep 28

Consent & Declaration Forms

As every Cadet will know, in order to take part in almost any activity away from the Squadron you’ll need a completed Consent Form. These are normally available on the Squadron, however, if you forget to pick one up you can print them out from the BADER website – see the Useful Resources box on the lower left hand side of the BADER web page.  below:

  • Cadet Activities Consent and Health Form – TG 21 (Cadet Only)
  • Staff Activities Next of Kin and Health Form – TG 22 (Staff Only)
  • Medical Declaration Form – TG 23

To help complete the main TG 21 Form, we’ve created a useful step-by-step guide…

Begin by completing TG 21 Cadet Activity Consent & Health Form as follows:

  1. At the top of the form write in the name of the activity, location and the dates during which it runs.
  2. Secondly fill in your details in the first box. Useful help:
    1. Rank: ‘Cdt‘, ‘Cpl‘, ‘Sgt‘, ‘FS‘ or ‘CWO‘.
    2. Don’t forget your age in years and months.
    3. DBS number for those Cadets over 18 years.
    4. ATC Sqn/Wing: 967 (BAe Warton), Cumbria & Lancs or C & L
    5. CCF Unit: N/A we are ATC after all.
  3. Complete the second box and include:

a. Person having ‘Parental Responsibility’ and their relationship to you. This is the person that Squadron staff would need to contact if there were any problems during the activity.

b. Include your home address, telephone numbers, and e-mail. If the contact details of the person you have identified above as having parental responsibility is going to be different (for example if they are visiting family or friends) for the period of the activity please also include this.

4.  Complete the consent box(s).

a. If you are below the age of 18, the person having parental responsibility needs to read and then sign in the left hand side of the box. If you’re over 18 you may read and sign on the right hand side.

5. If you are claiming certain types of benefit as identified on the form you may not need to pay for food on certain camps. Please complete this section with your National Insurance Number if required.

6. Complete the Health Questions:

a. Tick any boxes for the medical conditions you have.

b. If you have none, you MUST specifically write ‘NONE’ in the relevant spaces.

7. Insert the Cadet’s NHS number and details their doctor.

8. Sign and date the ‘Declaration’.

9. Complete a TG 23 Medical Declaration Form for EACH of the conditions you have identified in TG 21 (TG 23 can be used by both Cadets and Staff). This form is a vital part of the process as it explains to the staff how you may be affected by your condition.

a. Complete the name and date of birth at the top of the form.

b. Identify the condition.

c. Answer the various questions as fully as possible and detail any medication taken.

10. Double check the form(s) and hand them in to a member of staff  prior to the activity.

11. If anything changes don’t forget to inform a member of staff!