967 Sqn Air Cadets

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Aug 29

1st Class Training Resources

First Class Cadet Badge

1st Class Training is completed using various ACPs: ACP 31 Volume 2 – The Royal Air Force ACP 31 Volume 4 – Radio – Not available for download ACP 31 Section 5 – The CCF – not required for ATC Cadets ACP 32 Volume 1 – Map Reading ACP 33 Volume 1 – History of Flight…» Read More

Jul 7

Operation Homeguard – Ingleton 2011

Control, we are being followed by loads of old American Jeeps with strange men in them ... send help immediately

Operation Homeguard is Ingleton’s annual 1940’s nostalgia weekend and this year took place over the first weekend in July.  Ingleton is a small village on the edge of the North Yorkshire/ North Lancashire border that changes itself to represent its twin town of La Chapelle-des-Marais in Normandy as the Allied Troops liberated the town; in…» Read More