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Jun 8

Leading Cadet

Leading Cadet Badge

Leading Cadet Brassard Badge

Leading Cadet training covers 3 varied subjects and will take somewhere between 6-12 months to complete.

Basic Navigation

This subject builds on the lessons of the First Class ‘Map Reading’ subject. By the time you’ve completed this you’ll understand how a compass can be used to navigate and we’ll get you into the hills to practice the skills you’ve learnt.

Principles of Flight

One of the most interesting subjects for anybody who has an interest in aviation. We’ll teach you how an aircraft flies, despite what you may think it’s not Black Magic! You’ll understand what the different control surfaces on the aircraft are for and by this point you should be getting the opportunity to try it out for real in one of the ATC’s many aircraft.

Airmanship 2 – Aircraft Operation

As part of the Airmanship series of series of subjects, we’ll teach you about the rules of the air. There are no ‘road signs’ so who get right-of-way? You’ll also learn about the aircraft of the Royal Air Force. What does a Tornado look like? How can you tell the difference between a Hercules and a Jetstream?

You can find the syllabus for each of these subjects in our resources section.

At each stage of your training you’ll be looking into the subjects in more detail. Next up is your Senior Cadet training.