967 Sqn Air Cadets

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Jul 18

Cadet Rank Structure

For Cadets that show responsibility, commitment, a willingness to learn and common sense, there is the prospect of promotion. Cadets who are promoted can expect extra responsibility and training in leadership and management skills.

Promotion is based on merit and leadership potential. There are no exams to be taken as promotion to these ranks is determined by the Commanding Officer of the Squadron.

Rank Slide Description

Cadet Corporal

Two Chevrons - Cadet Corporal

Cadet Corporal – Cdt Cpl

Corporal is the first NCO rank. A Cadet holding the rank of Corporal can be referred to as a Junior NCO (JNCO), and acts as the liaison between the Cadets and the SNCOs. Promotion to Corporal is made by individual Squadron Commanding Officers, and selection is based purely on merit and leadership potential.

Cadet Sergeant

Three Chevrons - Cadet Sergeant

Cadet Sergeant – Cdt Sgt

Sergeant is the first Senior NCO (SNCO) rank. Promotion to Sergeant is made by the Squadron Commanding Officer.

Cadet Flight Sergeant

3 Chevrons and a Crown - Cadet Flight Sergeant

Cadet Flight Sergeant – Cdt FS

The rank of Flight Sergeant is the highest appointment that can be made by a Squadron Commanding Officer, and a Cadet holding this rank would be expected to play a significant role in the running of his or her Squadron.

Cadet Warrant Officer

Crown - Cadet Warrant Officer

Cadet Warrant Officer – CWO

Promotion to Cadet Warrant Officer is decided by a panel at Wing level. A prospective candidate will be a Flight Sergeant, preferably holding the Instructor Cadet classification, and will be required to attend an interview at Wing HQ.

Staff Cadet

Once you reach the age of 18, Cadets become known as Staff Cadets and wear their NCO rank slide with the white wording ‘Staff Cadet’ beneath.