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Aug 9

Radio Communicators Badge Award

The ATC Radio Communicators Badge scheme is an optional activity available to Cadets which allows a Cadet to progress along a structure route, proving that they are competent with using radios unsupervised, in our case with HF and VHF radios, and are conversant with the basics of radio and communication principles.  The ATC has its own active radio networks where the Cadets can practice radio operating procedures and make contact with not only other ATC Squadrons in the UK but also other military units around the country and abroad.

The skills learnt are useful not only in military life but civilian life too; skills learnt in the scheme can count towards part of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards skills section; Air Cadet Operators have also proven to be a valuable resource to the local community as they have been utilised at public events to pass safety and administrative messages on behalf of the organisers.  Advances in computing and data transmission protocols, Internet design and technical aspects have now all been encompassed into the Radio Communicators Badge scheme.

Before the Communicator Badge is awarded, the Cadet must first pass 2 compulsory and four optional modules. Some of these phases are formally examined or assessed, being part of the Junior Cadet and Senior/Staff subjects. The other phases are assessed to the standards expected by the Squadron Communications Officer (SCO) and ultimately by the Wing Radio Officer (WRO). Previous radio experience and exam results can be accredited on entry to the scheme.

The full list of the subjects in the scheme are shown below, some subjects have further links you can follow.