967 Sqn Air Cadets

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Jun 2

Warton Wanderer – May 2011

The Cadets just after finishing the obstacle course

Cadets from the Squadron having completed the obstacle course under the guidance of Flying Officer Faulkner

In May, 9 Cadets from 967 and 471 Squadrons took part in the annual Warton Wanderer Adventure Training weekend. The weekend gave all of the Cadets the opportunity to try out a variety of different activities including walking, shooting, the obstacle course and camp craft.

It was a very busy weekend beginning with the arrival on Friday evening, where the tents needs erecting, and then re-erecting after a hasty lesson from the staff. After breakfast on the Saturday it was straight onto the range and then the obstacle course. After lunch a change of clothes and onto a training walk along the river. More food, then an evening exercise with various leadership challenges and a BBQ.

The Pipes

Mind your head!

Unfortunately by the Saturday evening the weather changed and the night was spent listening to the rain hammer on the tents. More shooting on the Sunday and then after packing up everyone returned to the Squadron thoroughly exhausted.

Check out the photos from the weekend below.

The good news is that this year, a second Warton Wanderer is planned for September…