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Feb 19

Squadron Raises Funds

One of the Squadron's Collecting Buckets

One of the Squadron’s Collecting Buckets

As 2012 drew to a close and many people were getting ready for the Christmas period, the Cadets of 967 were hard at work as they undertook a bag pack at a local supermarket.
The Christmas bag pack at the Morrisons store in Preston has become a welcomed yearly event, allowing the Cadets to help shoppers prepare for Christmas whilst advertising the Squadron and raising some valuable funds at the same time.
This years bag pack was excellent, raising over £400 for the Squadron’s funds. The Civilian Committee Treasurer, Mrs Heather Faulkner, said:

“Bag packing events help to raise much needed funds for the Squadron. This allows us to support our Cadets in getting the most out of the opportunities the ATC has to offer, no matter what their background. Much of the money raised helps toward the purchase of equipment for Squadron activities.”

Everyone at 967 would like to thank Morrisons for their continued support and also everyone that supported our Squadon through donations during the bag pack.