967 Sqn Air Cadets

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Aug 19

967 Sqn Reopens after Refurbishment

The Sqn shutdown in March 2020 for a major refurbishment of the Sqn HQ building, Garage and surrounding infrastructure.  This should only have taken a few months but due to the Corona/Covid pandemic, work was very slow as there was a prolonged period of lockdown.

The Sqn HQ has had its makeover now, looking quite smart in its dark blue exterior.

The good news is that 967 (BAE Warton) Sqn has now, after over 8 months of only having Virtual Parade Nights, reopened for face to face activities!  There was a great turn out for our first night back and the Cadets got to see our newly-refurbished building in person for the first time.

The Sqn is now parading once again on Monday and Thursday evenings, starting at 7pm each night.