967 Air Cadets

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Jul 18

Civilian Committee

Under the constitution of the Air Training Corps, each Squadron must be overseen by a Civilian Management Committee of no fewer than five persons.

The 967 committee meets approximately once every two months for a couple of hours one evening, usually at the Cadet Centre in Warton. Discussion and subsequent actions are primarily focussed around Cadet recruitment and fund-raising for the Squadron. There is no operational role in the Squadron which is commanded and administered by the Commanding Officer.

The main purpose of the committee is to ensure local independent non-RAF control of the Air Training Corps (ATC) Squadron. Much time is devoted to fund-raising for the Squadron which as a part of the Air Training Corps (ATC), itself part of the Air Cadet Organisation, is a registered charity.

The committee gets involved in a range of activities to assist in fund raising and Cadet recruitment. Some examples of this have been assistance with match funding through thier normal employed jobs from which the Squadron gains charitable donations – Squadron funds are a constant issue!

Further general information about the role of the Air Training Corps (ATC) Civilian Committees can be found on the Air Cadets web site