967 Sqn Air Cadets

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Aug 10

Junior Cadet Communications

Cadets demonstrating how to use the Clansman radios

Clansman HF and VHF radios

This module, although being a compulsory module, is a module that all Cadets take as part of their Junior Cadet introduction phase to the ATC, irrespective of whether or not they continue with the Radio Communicators Badge.

This module provides a basic introduction to radio communications theory, introduces aspects of radio security, the procedures to be followed when talking on the radio, the radio equipment in use on the Squadron and, most importantly, the health & safety aspects concerning using radios either outside or in the Radio Room.

This module also includes a large practical element using Maxon SL70 hand held VHF radios which is assessed to ensure that the Cadets are confident with using radios.  After completion of this module, the Cadets will have attained their Provisional Radio Operator status which means they can then use radios on project nights or during radio field exercises but they will still remain under  supervision by a suitably qualified senior Cadet or by a member of staff  until they attain their full VHF Operator status.