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Aug 2

Approved Amateur Radio Activity

This subject is optional and consists of attending an approved Amateur Radio Activity. The SCO is currently arranging places for Cadets to attend an Amateur Radio Foundation Course which will fulfill the criteria for this subject. This course leads to the Cadets being able to apply for their Amateur Radio Foundation License and their own personal Radio Call Sign for use on the Amateur Radio Bands.

This course is currently taught by members of Thornton Cleavleys Amateur Radio Society which is a local Radio Society of Great Britain group. The course normally starts around 9 am and will normally finish around 5 pm, lasting for 2 days (Saturday and Sunday).  All prospective course students must have read the Foundation License – Now! book before attending the course; copies of this book are available from the Squadron, please see the SCO for a copy if required. The course will cost £22.50 per student which covers the exam run by the RSGB.

The course covers such items as basic electricity, radio frequencies, basic transmitters and receivers, RF cables and aerials, radio wave propagation, electrical interference, radio operating procedures, safety and morse code. Many of these subjects are also covered in the other areas of the Communicators Badge so this is a good course to start the Award with.

There is a multi-choice exam at the end of the course; students need to get a minmum of 18 out of 25 questions correct in order to pass this subject. Once passed, the student can then apply for an Amateur Licence which will give them the potential of Worldwide communications. This licence is now free and lasts the lifetime of the radio operator (TBC).

The course objectives were written by the RSGB, a copy of the syllabus can be found here.