967 Sqn Air Cadets

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Jun 8

Leading Cadet

Leading Cadet Badge

Leading Cadet training covers 3 varied subjects and will take somewhere between 6-12 months to complete. Basic Navigation This subject builds on the lessons of the First Class ‘Map Reading’ subject. By the time you’ve completed this you’ll understand how a compass can be used to navigate and we’ll get you into the hills to…» Read More

Jun 8

First Class Cadet

First Class Cadet Badge

Do you know who invented the jet engines, how to pitch a tent or how to tell someone precisely where you are? By the time you’ve completed your 1st Class Training you’ll know all of this and far more. Having successfully completed your Junior Cadet training you’ll then start working towards your 1st Class Cadet…» Read More

Jun 8

Junior Cadet Training

ATC Beret Badge

When you join the Squadron you’ll be a Junior Cadet. As a Junior Cadet we’ll teach you all of the basics of being an Air Cadet which will ensure you can operate effectively within the Squadron. This training will take about a month and cover the ATC and the basics of drill. By the time…» Read More