967 Sqn Air Cadets

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Oct 4

Promotion – It’s now SGT Warpechowska

The final presentation of the night was for our OC to promote Cpl Warpechowska to Sgt.   Sgt Warpechowska has put a lot of effort in since her promotion to Corporal, in particular with her numerous achievements during Virtual parade nights/activities (see previous posts!).  She has always shown to be keen to set a good…» Read More

Oct 4

Latest Radio and Cyber Awards

Radio and Cyber success!   Congratulations to Cdt Jones and Cdt Lund who achieved their Blue Basic Radio Operator certificates, including Cyber awareness.   Well done also to Cdt Peuleve who achieved his blue Basic Radio Operator and then went on to successfully complete his Bronze Cyber course.   Finally, well done to Sgt Warpechowska…» Read More

Oct 4

Latest Shooting Awards

Last night saw lots of certificate and badge presentations, starting with shooting…   Congratulations to Cdt Griffin on his Blue Trained Shot and to Cdt Letkiewicz who achieved his Blue Trained Shot and Blue Marksman (the first on our Squadron) after attending a Wing shooting camp!   Well done to both of you!   #Team967…» Read More