967 Sqn Air Cadets

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Aug 4

The Internet & Networking

This subject is optional and is assessed as the Cadet must prove that they are competant with using the internet. Simple exercises will be set so that the Cadet can prove that they are competant with using e-mail, FTP programs, search engines and web browser usage. A simple web site will also need to be…» Read More

Aug 4

Badges and your Brassard

Air Cadet Distinguishing and Training badges are to be worn as stated below. Unauthorised badges or insignia are not to be worn on Air Cadet uniform. Badges on the Brassard The Brassard is to be fitted over the right sleeve of the jersey or shirt and positioned above the elbow. The top of the Brassard…» Read More

Aug 4

Uniform – Hints and Tips

When you receive your uniform you’ll be taught how to wear it and look after it. Below are some general hints and tips, if you’ve got any questions then speak to your NCO team. Tie The Windsor knot should be triangular and quite large.┬áThe tip of the fat end of the tie should just touch…» Read More