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Aug 10

Website Launched!

967 are proud of their new website

Squadron Website

The members of 967 Squadron are proud to present you with their new all singing and dancing website!

Our old website has served us very well and the Squadron’s staff and Cadets would like to thank CI Ozwell for the time and effort he has dedicated to it.

The change to the website brings us closer in line with the Corps new image and colour scheme, as well as offering a host of features which we hope you will find useful…

  • A new search facility, if you need to find something then just search for it!
  • A comprehensive FAQ.
  • A commenting system for our Cadets and staff. If you’ve read a story and got something to say, then add a comment. Be aware that all comments are moderated by Squadron staff!
  • RSS feed… no, I don’t know what one is either!
  • Easy updating. The stories are easy to create, so the website should be more up-to-date with the latest news. Have you got a story you want to add, not a problem, we’ll show you how.

There’s more to come, including a Squadron diary and newsletters.

Let us know what you think by registering and adding your comments below.

2 Responses to “Website Launched!”

  1. No Rank says:

    The website looks really good 😀

  2. Adult Flight SergeantFS Wright says:

    We’re glad you like it. If you’ve got a story you want to add then speak to the staff.