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Jul 22

Huey Hangar Visit


Bell UH-1H “Huey” Visit

Last night, 3 of our Cadets joined 2459 (Poulton le Fylde) Squadron for an educational visit to Huey Helicopters UK, based in Wesham, near Preston, just off Junction 3 of the M55. The military helicopter Bell UH-1 series was designed and built by the Bell Helicopter Company in the late 1950s as a multipurpose machine. The original designation of HU-1 (Helicopter Utility) led to the helicopter’s nickname of “The Huey”.

In the Hangar, the Cadets learnt about the history of UH-1H (tail number 72-21509 G-UHIH) and it’s current flying tasks. They all got to ask questions and then had a good look around the helicopter itself.