967 Sqn Air Cadets

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Aug 29

Junior Cadet Training Resources

ATC Beret Badge

As part of Junior Cadet Training, Cadets must understand the basic principles of Drill and also the Air Training Corps. The ATC is taught from ACP 31 Vol 1: ACP 31 Vol 1 – The Air Training Corps Drill is best taught by the NCO and staff team, however, if you want to revise some…» Read More

Jul 18

Adult Rank Structure – Commissioned Officer

Squadron Leader

Managerial roles within the Air Training Corps are usually undertaken by Commissioned¬†Officers. These roles are wide ranging and vary considerably in the level of responsibility and commitment required, everything from running the DofE programme on a Squadron through to running the whole of the Air Cadet Organisation. ATC Commissioned Officers hold ranks between Officer Cadet…» Read More

Jul 18

Adult Rank Structure – SNCO

Warrant Officer

ATC Adult SNCOs usually undertake the role of maintaining a high level of discipline within a Squadron, and managing the Squadron’s NCO team (the front-line of Squadron discipline).¬†SNCOs often undertake other duties such as Squadron Adjutant or any of the other duties undertaken by Squadron officers, with the exception of Squadron CO. The ATC Adult…» Read More

Jul 18

Adult Staff Rank Structure

The adult rank structure provides plenty of options to suit all levels of commitment. Read on to find out more.