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Aug 5

Satellite Communications – ACP 35, Vol 4

This subject is optional and although it is part of the Senior/Staff Cadet exam system, it is NOT currently taught at the Squadron so it it would have to be learnt as a distance learning unit.  Help with this subject is available from the staff and any Cadets who have already passed this module. Although…» Read More

Aug 4

The Internet & Networking

This subject is optional and is assessed as the Cadet must prove that they are competant with using the internet. Simple exercises will be set so that the Cadet can prove that they are competant with using e-mail, FTP programs, search engines and web browser usage. A simple web site will also need to be…» Read More

Aug 3

Technical Skills

This subject is optional and is assessed. Exercises include wiring up of a 3 pin plug, fitting coaxial cable connectors, use of a multimeter for measuring voltage and current, basic soldering and Health & Safety procedures.

Aug 2

Approved Amateur Radio Activity

This subject is optional and consists of attending an approved Amateur Radio Activity. The SCO is currently arranging places for Cadets to attend an Amateur Radio Foundation Course which will fulfill the criteria for this subject. This course leads to the Cadets being able to apply for their Amateur Radio Foundation License and their own…» Read More