967 Air Cadets

What are you doing this weekend?
Sep 20

Warton Family Fun Day

Warton’s annual Family Fun Day is being held 1-5pm on Saturday the 24th September 2011  and the Cadets and Staff from 967 (BAe Warton) Squadron will be supporting it. The event is being held on Bridges View Playing Fields, off Camberra Way in Warton. If you’re interested in joining the Squadron or want to learn…» Read More

Aug 29

Leading Cadet Training Resources

Leading Cadet Badge

Basic Navigation ACP32 Volume 2 – Basic Navigation ACP32 Volume 2 – Basic Navigation – Exam Papers Airmanship 2 ACP34 Volume 2 – Airmanship II ACP32 Volume 2 – Airmanship II – Exam Papers Principles of Flight ACP33 Volume 2 – Principles of Flight ACP33 Volume 2 – Principles of Flight – Exam Papers Leading…» Read More

Aug 29

1st Class Training Resources

First Class Cadet Badge

1st Class Training is completed using various ACPs: ACP 31 Volume 2 – The Royal Air Force ACP 31 Volume 4 – Radio – Not available for download ACP 31 Section 5 – The CCF – not required for ATC Cadets ACP 32 Volume 1 – Map Reading ACP 33 Volume 1 – History of Flight…» Read More

Aug 29

Air Cadet Publications

List of ACPs ACP 1 – Ethos, Core Values and Standards in the ACO ACP 2 – Religious Diversity in the ATC ACP 4 – Child Protection Policy and Guidelines ACP 4 – Chapter 4 Child Protection Guide ACP 4 – Child Protection Guide (Yellow Card) ACP 5 – Health, Safety and Environment Manual ACP…» Read More