967 Sqn Air Cadets

What are you doing this weekend?
Aug 7

HF Operator

This subject is one of the optional modules.    This option is similar to the VHF Operator module but is oriented towards the HF side of radio.   An HF aerial has now been erected at the Sqn in the form of an ‘inverted V’ aerial allowing the Cadets to monitor and transmit HF around the world….» Read More

Aug 7

Silverdale DofE

A great weekend was had by four Cadets from the Squadron who had a trial run for thief Duke of Edinburgh award expedition. The practice expedition was around the Silverdale area in North Lancashire. All the Cadets had a great time and were able to put into practice the skills they had learnt on the…» Read More

Aug 6

Advanced Radio & Radar – ACP 35, Vol 3

This subject is another optional module.  It is part of the Senior/Staff Cadet exams and is currently being taught at the Squadron.  This course starts with the basic principles of radio, the electo-magnetic spectrum, modulation (amplitude and frequency) followed by basic radio transmitters and receivers. Once the radio principles have been mastered, the Cadets move…» Read More

Aug 5

Satellite Communications – ACP 35, Vol 4

This subject is optional and although it is part of the Senior/Staff Cadet exam system, it is NOT currently taught at the Squadron so it it would have to be learnt as a distance learning unit.  Help with this subject is available from the staff and any Cadets who have already passed this module. Although…» Read More