967 Sqn Air Cadets

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Jun 8

Instructor Cadet

A Master Air Cadet may, on the recommendation of the CO, apply to attend the Cadet Methods of Instruction Course. Successful completion of the course entitles them to wear a yellow lanyard over the left shoulder, and be referred to as ‘Instructor Cadet’. As an ‘Instructor Cadet’ you’ll be asked to help the staff teach…» Read More

Jun 8

Master Air Cadet

Master Air Cadet Badge

Having now become a Senior Cadet it’s time to work towards the Master Cadet award. For this you’ll revisit the list of subjects for the Senior Cadet and pick another two. Maybe taking a previous subject further or looking at something new. The choice is yours.

Jun 8

Senior Cadet

Senior Cadet Badge

In order to achieve the Senior Cadet badge you must now pass 2 of the following 8 subjects. The subject matter is now far more detailed, but there is enough variety to cover almost any taste… Air Navigation   Pilot Navigation   Satellite Communications   Propulsion   Airframes   Advanced Radio and RADAR   Aircraft…» Read More

Jun 8

Leading Cadet

Leading Cadet Badge

Leading Cadet training covers 3 varied subjects and will take somewhere between 6-12 months to complete. Basic Navigation This subject builds on the lessons of the First Class ‘Map Reading’ subject. By the time you’ve completed this you’ll understand how a compass can be used to navigate and we’ll get you into the hills to…» Read More